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The translation phase

Regardless of your deadline or the volume of words to be translated, the translation phase involves a strict work team in two stages: The translation and quality checks before delivery.

STAGE 01 . Translation into French

Depending on its volume, the translation project that you have entrusted to us will be translated by a single translator or divided up between two or more translators.

Our French-speaking translators adapt to your needs. They follow your instructions, particularly concerning terminology, and strictly abide by any translation memories or glossaries you provide.

STAGE 02 . Quality Control

Once the translation has been finished and before final delivery, our team proof-reads and runs quality checks on five areas:

– comprehension of the source text,
– readability of the translated text,
– adherence to terminology and a well-rounded result,
– checking spelling, grammar and typos,
– formatting to match the original text.

Translation fields

Having built up skills and experience over the years, our multi-disciplinary team of translators can work in different fields.

To give you an idea of the sectors where we work, feel free to check out our past work on behalf of our agency customers.

Business, marketing and tourism

Market studies, press releases, brochures, advertising campaigns, catalogues, posters, flyers, tourist guides, questionnaires, surveys, websites, restaurant menus, etc.

Technical and scientific

Technical specifications, standards, patents, nomenclatures, plans, user and maintenance manuals, technical sheets, job quotes, labels, catalogues, feasibility studies, scientific publications, technical reports, etc.

Legal and financial

Contracts, business statutes, annual reports, company reports, Kbis extracts, sentences, minutes, general sales conditions, vital records, lawyer’s letters, sworn documents, etc.

Medical and pharmaceutical

Instructions, medical tests, publications, clinical trial results, toxicity studies, health reports, conference reports, pharmaceutical documents, medical appraisal reports, etc.